Bad leadership – what a waste!!

One of the things that drives me nuts about business sometimes, is the waste of energy, resources and productivity that bad leadership provides.

bad leadership
Yes, I use the word ‘provides’ deliberately, because, of course, bad leadership never recognises itself as such, does it?

It usually considers itself to be ‘the best I can do under the circumstances’ or ‘if only I had more time, of course there is more I could do to lead my people’ or ‘our people are our biggest asset and incredibly important to us – it’s just that the current market environment puts us under so much pressure’…

Ever heard any of these? Ever used any of them yourself?

Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but that is just bad leadership. If you won’t put your people and their development first, it is highly likely that the consequences on your bottom line will be dire. If not this year, then next or latest the year after. How long you’ve got depends on how many of your competitors provide good leadership. And if you have a competitor that provides outstanding leadership, your time might be running out as you read this.

So, what’s the difference, I hear you ask? How do I recognise whether I’m providing bad, good or outstanding leadership?

A place to start is looking at the effectiveness of yourself and your business. How often do you stop and think how what you are currently busy doing helps you to achieve your growth strategy (as well as fulfilling your targets)? How often do you look at your direct reports and ask them the same question? How often do you challenge them to ask the same question of their reports?

How clear are the receptionist, the cleaner, the post boy/girl and the factory worker about how their contribution makes a difference in achieving the company’s growth strategy? When have you last spoken to any of them – let alone asked them a question about their views about how the business is doing?

Get my drift? Excellent – have a go and let us know how you’re doing by responding to this.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Author: Nicole Bachmann