People development - who's responsible?

Developing people – a question that bothered me. I was asked how the people in charge of people development in an organisation should behave – as suppliers or business partners? That bothered me somewhat. I understand where the question is coming from because it does reflect a very common reality. It pre-supposes that there is […]
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Capability in the workplace

capability in the workplaceWhat enables capability and what gets in the way? We all know that capability in the workplace is important. Right? This is one of those obvious truths that we seldom stop to question, and yet I have found that it is often uncertain what somebody means when they make this statement. The problem is in […]
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Let Go - you may be pleasantly surprised!

Some while ago I posted here about the importance of capability in business growth. My primary assertion was that an honest evaluation of organizational capability, followed by the successful implementation of changes to address any deficiencies, can often be the determining factor in whether or not you achieve your business goals. This assessment came to […]
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Motivating others - where to start?

motivating othersLet us begin by asking ourselves how we like to be treated. If your friend who loves football keeps taking you to football matches, even though you prefer watching tennis and have told them so, how does that make you feel? Do you like it? How much do you appreciate the effort they put in […]
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Up to the minute financial reporting – Must have or nice to have?

The question implies there is one answer to this question being a “yes” or “no” or, then again, perhaps a “one size fits all” approach? In reality reporting is not a cost free activity and, therefore, the frequency and scope should be determined by the commercial imperatives of the business. Here are three ways to […]
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