Review your business - Outside-In

We all know where we’re going, don’t we? But does everyone in the business know where it is going and more importantly how it will get there? We all hope so. We’ve written it down in business plans and communicated it through the organisation. The business therefore knows the strategy, where it’s going and how […]
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Informal Learning - the engine in the basement

There is a big engine running in the basement of your organisation. You probably aren’t even aware that it is there. No one has been down there for years, if ever. There is rubbish amongst the puddles of oil and water on the floor and it’s like any other dark abandoned basement. And yet that […]
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Collaboration and Internal Alignment

He dreams, We dream, They dream For the businesses we manage, we tie the visions of where to go and how to get there to the goals we set. Internal alignment is about focusing the vision so that each part of the organisation understands what the goals are. Many times, when business productivity declines it […]
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Climate control versus command and control

In most modern cars we are used to having climate controls – in order that we can create that ideal ambience for our journey. Not too hot or cold, enough air circulation that we don’t get drowsy or lose concentration and not too draughty to be uncomfortable. We can even choose models that enable us […]
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The FD’s role in improving the commercial awareness in the leadership team

To understand how to improve the commercial awareness in the leadership team, the FD first needs to be able to communicate effectively with them – and transport the message about what commercial means. When one is communicating with other members of the leadership team the crispness of that communication depends on the words that are […]
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