Emotional Intelligence and its importance

Emotional intelligence, how much we have and how we learn to deal with emotions all starts in our childhood. How often were you told not to behave like a “sissy” and not to be so hysterical? What do you tell your teenage children when they slam the door after an argument with you? Do you […]
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Talent in the workplace - finding and keeping it

I recall an experience I had when working in sales (very successfully), having been mentored and developed by one manager and then was working for another. At a social occasion with a group of us, the manager was pontificating about talent in the team – at which point he turned to me and said – […]
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Being a responsible business - why?

Because We Are … Businesses are part of the community in which they exist. And just as we like to behave responsibly with our neighbours – and would like them to do so with us – we also want to be a responsible business. As such there are relationships that exist – just like those […]
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Ineffective meetings - how much time and money are you wasting?

When have you last attended an effective meeting? When have you last run an effective meeting? What is an effective meeting? Do they exist? Funnily enough, yes they do. However, given the many conversation we either have with people or overhear people have with each other in companies, you could be forgiven for thinking them […]
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Sales alignment to strategy

As we find ourselves in the middle of the 2nd quarter for many businesses, it’s a great time to ensure that the Sales department is pulling its weight for the organisation. The Sales function, being the life blood of the business, should periodically undergo a health-check, regarding its continued alignment to the overall strategy of […]
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