Don’t bother talking about engaging your staff

No, seriously – there’s no point! You can’t talk about engaging your staff, you need to do it.

engaging your staff
You can tell me that you want my involvement all you like and how important my opinion and contribution is to you and how invaluable my input is to the improvement programme – but unless you give me the space, time and opportunity to get engaged, I’m not going to believe you. And if I don’t believe you, I have no reason or impetus to contribute other than doing my job.

So, when are you going to stop talking about engaging your staff and start doing it instead? How? Good question.

What would happen, if you started to run your Town Halls or Company Meetings as interactive workshops, rather than presentations about the status quo? If you divided the room into manageable sub groups, and gave them all a question to work out the answer to in those groups? If you then listened with interest to the ideas and thoughts coming up, recording them visible to all? If you thanked everyone for their input and told them how you/your team will take things forward in this matter? Or, maybe even more powerful, asked for volunteers to become part of the work/project group that will take this forward?

How would doing so change the perception of your people about the value you place on their opinions/thoughts/ideas? And how would that change their engagement in taking the business forward?

Author: Nicole Bachmann