Andrew Hall

Andrew is an experienced, successful senior executive who coaches and mentors owners and entrepreneurs, in a broad range of businesses, to achieve greater clarity and better results.

How consistently do your operations deliver performance in line with your strategy?

For long term competitive edge, consistency of performance is a crucial pre-requisite. Alignment to strategy is also critical and depends on effective communication and engagement with your people, right across the business. Many of our clients know this – but doing it is a different matter.
When you enable your people to really grasp their role in delivering the strategy, you will see the evidence, not just in performance but, in flexibility, innovation and commitment – all key elements of your competitive edge.

What do you do to ensure you are striking the right balance between the value you deliver and the profit you make from each client/customer?

Highly successful businesses have great clarity about – (a) how they make money and (b) the value they deliver to their customers.
Sadly, we’ve lost count of the number of business owners and leaders that have been unable to tell us where their profits come from – i.e. which clients, services, products, etc. and/or what their customers truly value in the products/services they buy.
By implementing very effective systems and processes to ensure you always know how well you are doing against these criteria for value and profit – and by being ruthless in tackling any situations that are out-of-line – you will leave your competitors in your wake.