Chris Ball

Chris is a business manager with an invaluable blend of technical and financial experience that enables him to assist clients to translate complex ideas into financially sound strategies.

How do you know your resource deployment is adequate to achieve your strategy – and what happens if it isn’t?

By adequate we mean: having what you need – plus sufficient contingency and flexibility – to satisfy your strategic intent. That’s about the measures you have in place, your benchmarks, flexibility and how rigorous you are in your attention to detail.
In our experience most organisations are able to find ways to reduce headcount, assets, expenditure, etc. when necessary, often with a beneficial effect after the pain. In other words, there’s usually some excess capacity in the business – a competitive disadvantage.
We find that, even when there is no “spare” capacity, with the right leadership and application of resources – clearly aligned to the strategy – highly effective organisations are always able to “do more with less”.

How do you ensure sufficient liquidity, strong cash flow and a sound capital base to support your plans – and do you need all three?

Yes – you do need all three and most business leaders would agree. A harder question, that many of our clients do not consider until we arrive, is: what is right for OUR business given our strategy?
To have the capability to be competitive over the long term, we have found you need all three elements present at the same time. Therefore, we work with our clients to evaluate what they will need in terms of liquidity, cash flow and capital, so that they will have the financial foundation and flexibility to support the development of their people and operations that will deliver their growth strategy.