Cliff Findlay

Cliff is a straight talking expert in B2B marketing, with more than 26 years’ experience in major advertising agencies and running his own B2B marketing business. Author of Why you? book on B2B Marketing.

How do you know if your marketing operation is effective?

In short: if it is helping you hit the business growth targets you set out when defining your marketing strategy. If you didn’t do this then you’ll probably never know.
Marketing is measurable. All of it. Thanks to the advances in technology, the old adage: ‘50% of our marketing works – but nobody knows which 50%’ belongs to ancient history – and the marketing executives that tell you that, belong there, too.
For quite a few of the clients we get introduced to, this is a big surprise and – once they’ve got over the shock – a big relief. They can now plan their budgets and campaigns knowing exactly what they are getting for their buck and, with the right outside help, they can be confident of their return on investment.

Who should you involve in your product/service development, to be long term competitive?

Research has shown that if you want to outrun your competition in the long term, you need to align, implement and renew faster than them – consistently. Pretty scary prospect. The market, industry and development knowledge you need to do this well is awesome. Therefore, you need to involve all your stakeholders – internal AND external – in helping you gain and process that knowledge, so you can apply it to developments that appeal both to your current market and new markets – and continue to do so in the years to come.