Hilary Oliver


Hilary is an international executive and leadership coach and a former board-level director with more than 30 years of experience.

How well does your whole organisation understand where you are going as a business – and how do you know?

Alignment of the whole organisation behind your vision and strategy is a “must” for a business aiming to be in the game for the long term.
We often find that senior executives assume their whole organisation knows what they know – and understands the purpose and direction of the business. They have communicated via “Town Hall” meetings, press releases, and brochures and there are posters all over the company.
However, they usually discover that a robust process to engage their people in understanding their vision, mission and strategy is necessary to enable the whole organisation to grasp what they are aiming to achieve. Once their people understand what that means in their individual roles there’s a tangible change in commitment, engagement and performance.

How sure are you that you have optimal capability for tomorrow – as well as today?

Organisational capability – understanding the operational needs of today and the business you are aiming to become, ensuring you have the right talent in the right roles now and in the future, managing and developing your people to fit the bill today and tomorrow – is business critical for long term competitive edge.
Some of the C-Suite executives we meet have this in hand but many declare their concerns about how well they are addressing this. We usually find a lack of rigorous systems and processes that ensure follow-through on strategic intent and short term operational pressures get in the way of the necessary long term analysis, planning and implementation.