Margit Jones-Hochstrasser

Margit is a change agent who leads and facilitates change in a dynamic, intuitive and collaborative way, to bring about improved performance and results.

What’s the difference between effectiveness and efficiency – and why does it matter?

A lot of companies focus on and measure efficiency (doing the thing right) – what they forget is that unless they are effective (doing the right thing) first, efficiency can lead into trouble. Imagine being very efficient at doing the WRONG thing… you’d get exactly where you least want to be – fast.
A lot of what we do with clients is about helping them to understand – and implement – that difference. This leads to increases in productivity and motivation and makes a real contribution to the bottom line.

How clear are your people about their role and how does that affect their ownership of it?

Clarity of role is usually taken for granted. People received a job description when you hired them, didn’t they? (Did they?) How long have they been in your employ? How much has their role changed since then? How much has their environment changed since then? When did you last review specifically what is within/without their remit?
Those are the questions we discuss with many of the senior Executives of our clients – and the answers are not always what they need to be. Working with our clients to help them get those answers right, makes a big difference to their businesses.