Nicole Bachmann

Nicole is a multi-lingual, masterful coach and facilitator, who designs, tailors and runs highly effective development programmes for teams and senior executives.

What is the coach approach to leadership and why should you care?

Leadership in the 21st Century is working under changed parameters. Hierarchies are getting flatter, the environment, markets and technologies are changing at an ever-increasing rate. Companies that want to be around for the long term need to adapt at the same speed. Without engagement of the whole workforce, this is very hard. The coach approach to leadership – as many of our clients are finding out – fosters that engagement and creates an environment where people find it easy to solve problems creatively, show up to work motivated and look for and identify opportunities.

How many of your people learn from their mistakes – and successes – and what would change if they all did?

A company’s attitude to failure defines it and the progress it can make. If failure is encouraged as a way of learning and improving – ensuring you don’t repeat the same mistakes again and again – you create an environment, where your people are willing to have a go and expect to develop. If you add to that, analysis of success, you are taking your people and your business to a different level of competitive advantage. It never ceases to amaze us how few of our clients apply this approach before they start working with us – and the difference it makes, once they do so.