Paul Field

Paul is a very rare combination – a brilliant technical mind, who is passionate about ensuring alignment of systems with your organisation’s strategy and a skillful coach making sure your people optimise your systems to deliver what you really need to achieve operationally.

What are you doing to ensure your systems enable your business to respond to changing business needs?

Markets and technologies are changing at an ever-increasing rate and businesses risk losing out to competitors who adapt faster or bring disruptive innovation to the market. Facing that uncertainty head on and taking the lead in using it to your advantage is the key to a highly successful modern business.
Often companies act as if it’s possible to know and predict everything; responsive companies instead value not knowing and have controlled processes that allow rapid experimentation and learning to produce exceptional business agility. In conjunction, when you encourage your people to respond to change innovatively, you’ll be surfing the waves of change while your competitors are drowning.

How do you ensure your systems support your strategy effectively?

Systems are created by people; people that are often several steps away from the strategy and motivated by other factors. This kind of poor communication leads to inefficient systems that are difficult to change and, in the worst case, cause the strategy to fail from poor implementation.
Successful companies ensure that the strategy and the value it brings to the company are clearly understood by their people and when you make that relevant and show people how they can contribute, you not only get systems that effectively support your strategy, you get motivated staff and innovative ideas for an even better business.