Shaz Quereshi

Shaz’s expertise in sales leadership and sales training empowers clients to maximise the effectiveness of sales forces. He delivers sustainable results that ensure bulging pipelines.

What do you do to ensure everyone in your organisation knows their role in Sales?

Nothing happens in business until somebody sells something.Your customers want the highest quality at the lowest prices. That increases demand on your value chain and the challenge becomes how to develop intense customer relationships, underpinned by well-understood sales processes.
Accordingly, delivering outstanding sales performance is now far bigger than your sales force. Your whole workforce needs to understand that everything they do contributes to the quality of your customer relationships and hence the value your customers perceive in doing business with you. How you leverage every part of your organisation’s strengths to deliver the top-line of the income statement today, defines the size and pace of your growth or decline.

How do you ensure your sales people understand your sales strategy and are capable of delivering it effectively?

Business goals and sales strategy are interwoven. The leader at the top of every organisation is the most influential sales person in that business. Leadership is responsible for educating the sales people to understand the way in which the sales strategy supports the business goals.
Hiring and training the right sales talent is as important as having the right team in the C-suite. Therefore, with the right talent, collaborating effectively and understanding each other’s objectives, you will have a sales force that understands its role and accepts its responsibilities for delivering your strategy. This will deliver you the sales performance necessary for a long term competitive business.