William Buist


William is a recognized expert in collaboration for business, uncovering insights that build performance and embedding implementation capability.

What has collaboration to do with long term competitive edge?

Long term competitive edge requires consistent high performance AND alignment, execution and renewal that are consistently faster than the competition. Without effective collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders your chances of getting anywhere near the levels of performance and adaptability you require are pretty slim – as many of the Executives approaching us have found.
Effective collaboration has its roots in clarity (about role, task and authority), transparency, accountability and effective communication – in short: it depends on people with the right mindset.

How do you create an environment where people collaborate effectively?

If collaboration is optional, it often doesn’t happen. The same goes for communication. Or rather it happens in pockets between people who ‘get on’ – which looks like a good place to start, but it actually isn’t, as businesses we get to know have found out at quite some cost. It creates silos, ‘friendships’, networks based on personal preference, which usually lead to disenfranchisement of people excluded from those pockets.
All of this gets in the way of a constructive, professional working culture and climate, which fosters engagement, effective feedback and collaboration. So let go of the illusion that ‘collaboration happens between good people’ – it only does if it is facilitated and fostered by structures and processes that create a highly collaborative attitude.