Archive | July, 2014

Why change – if it’s not broken, what’s to fix?

It’s a popular perspective in business – to “leave well alone”. However, in a competitive environment, to be successful you know you cannot standstill. So, what to do? You know that you must remain open to ideas for change and improvement, but does that mean also being deliberately disruptive to your business? Well, frankly, sometimes […]

Ever thought you might have lost the plot?

I know, how could you, the leader of a fine enterprise, ever be accused of having lost the plot! After all you are the chief visionary, motivator and decision maker in the business. In my experience, however, it happens to most if not all of us at some stage. We have the senior leadership position […]

Vision and passion plus hard work are not enough

Business people often talk about their admiration for successful businesses in terms of the vision and passion of the founder. How that entrepreneur had the insight to spot a market opportunity. How they committed all their resources – time, money and energy – to “make it work”. And I’m sure all those things are true […]

Bad leadership – what a waste!!

One of the things that drives me nuts about business sometimes, is the waste of energy, resources and productivity that bad leadership provides. Yes, I use the word ‘provides’ deliberately, because, of course, bad leadership never recognises itself as such, does it? It usually considers itself to be ‘the best I can do under the […]