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Organisational health – why would you be interested?

Organisational Health is a measure of the ability of an organisation/business to be highly adaptable to changes in its environment and thereby develop and sustain its competitive advantage over the long term. A healthy organisation maintains strength in three critical traits, which we characterise as the internal alignment of all business activities, the quality of […]

Feedback – what feedback?!

How much feedback do you receive from your people and the business? How much feedback do you give your people on a day-to-day basis? What kind of feedback are you giving them? Corrective? Affirmative? A good balance of the two? Do you know what I am talking about? Well, you’ve heard about feedback, right? And […]

Better Conversations about Financial Value

In most organisations there is a desire to know the value of work in terms of the “bottom line” and people talk about increasing revenue or reducing costs. However, there are four categories of financial value and, without understanding all of them, it’s easy to make costly mistakes and undervalue important work. Four Categories of […]