Archive | January, 2015

Marketing that delivers business results

Seen as the Holy Grail of marketing, however, if it was that easy wouldn’t everyone be doing it? In this article I promise I won’t mention ROI once. Our thinking goes way deeper than that. Based on my 25 years in marketing, branding, design and advertising I contend that marketing that delivers business results must […]

Competitive differentiation – big thing or small?

Big of course! Well yes, but not necessarily achieved by big steps or major initiatives. For a lot of businesses, competitive differentiation is getting harder and harder. That’s understandable too – developing and sustaining a truly distinctive product or service is just bl***y difficult! So what to do? When faced with this challenge, most businesses […]

Retrospective for better performance

January is a time for looking forward: we make plans for the year, set goals and make resolutions. Sometimes we’re building on what we achieved but sometimes we find we’re setting similar goals and making similar resolutions to last year. Either way, it’s worth taking time to review what happened over the last twelve months […]

An empathetic organisation – what is it and why would you want one?

Empathy you might be aware of – as a personal skill in dealing with people and understanding what’s really going on for them. But, what does that mean in the context of an organisation? And how do you create an empathetic organisation? An empathetic organisation is based on transparency. Transparent values, strategy, goals and objectives; […]