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What does a good Finance Director look like?

The Finance Director is a key member of the senior management team that no organisation should be without. Working with the team, they will ensure that the organisation charts a successful course and avoids unnecessary risks. They will also put the right amount and type of funding in place. However, choosing a good Finance Director […]

It’s all a question of balance

During the Great Recession, it was natural that most (all?) businesses “battened-down the hatches” and minimised discretionary expenditure. If you did that and survived, well done! How have you been faring/acting since? Has it felt like treading on shifting ice flows? If so, you may have practiced great caution and risk aversion but have you […]

Courage is critical

Courage is critical for leaders and for business success. I doubt this will come as a surprise to you – especially if you have been leading an organisation or department for some time. The question is, how does courage manifest itself in the business world – and what sort of courage do you need? The […]