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“I’m off” said the Sales Leader

Replacing your sales leader – how? That dreaded day arrives when your leading light in the Sales function, the person who has taken the business forward over the last so many years, your Sales Leader, hands you a resignation letter and informs you s/he’s off to your major competitor and there’s no amount of money […]

Organisational Development – a leadership issue

An effective organization is one that is able to satisfy its raison d’etre and consistently meet its objectives. To achieve this goal requires the organisational development to be congruent with the organisation’s strategy. By organisational development we don’t just mean your people and where they sit in terms of departmental or functional structures (important though […]

Clear objectives – the impossible goal

Or why your organisation won’t meet its objectives At the beginning of the financial year, senior managers start sending their organisational and departmental objectives to staff. I remember receiving these objectives and, as a good corporate citizen, wondering what I could do to contribute. Despite my best intentions, I ended up doing very little and […]

Leadership development and engagement

So much leadership development fails to deliver the kind of change that is sought. What is going wrong? Here is one reason that is usually overlooked… The interdependence between leadership effectiveness and the organisational learning environment. Leadership is often seen as the answer to all sorts of problems. “We are in a crisis because of… […]