Archive | April, 2015

Listen to the Complainers

One of my friends was recently told by her manager “I want you to carry on with a smile on your face and no complaining”. Previously she’s raised problems when implementing a new system and been told that she “doesn’t like change”. Another friend of mine was constantly told to “not be so negative” when […]

Get yourself a fantastic finance function

It goes without saying that a high performing company needs a fantastic finance function. But how can you tell whether you have a fantastic finance function? A finance team needs to operate in four areas: Book keeping Historic or financial accounting Future or management accounting Direction of financial strategy As a business leader you will […]

The art of good enough in business

As infants we are generally encouraged and motivated in our endeavours by parents and close family members (especially grandparents) telling us that everything we draw, write, create is “great”, “wonderful”, “so clever” and so on. It seems to be a universal behaviour too, based on the reasonable notion that positive endorsement is the best way […]