Our team

Our team is a powerful force – there is over 360 years of solid business experience bundled in it.

We have a lot of in-depth knowledge about what it takes to align, execute and renew faster than the competition and we have some clear views, based on our experiences in a broad range of businesses. Read our views below on some of the key questions that business leaders ask themselves.

Nicole Bachmann


Nicole is a multi-lingual, masterful coach and facilitator, who designs, tailors and runs highly effective development programmes for teams and senior executives.




Andrew Hall


Andrew is an experienced senior executive who coaches and mentors owners and entrepreneurs, in a broad range of businesses, to achieve greater clarity and better results.



Chris Ball


Chris is a business manager with an invaluable blend of technical and financial experience that enables him to assist clients to translate complex ideas into financially sound strategies.                   



Cliff Findlay


Cliff is a straight talking expert in B2B marketing, with more than 15 years’ experience in major advertising agencies, working for blue chip clients.




Hilary Oliver


Hilary is an International executive and leadership coach and a former board-level director with more than 30 years of experience.




Liam Wall


Liam is an experienced FD and CFO, able to provide strategic perspectives and with a laser-like focus on the effectiveness of the finance function within the business.




Margit Jones-Hochstrasser


Margit is a change agent who leads and facilitates change in a dynamic, intuitive and collaborative way, to bring about improved performance and results.




Paul Field


Paul is a very rare combination – a brilliant technical mind, who is passionate about ensuring alignment of systems with your organisation’s strategy, and a skilful coach making sure your people optimise your systems to deliver what you really need to achieve operationally.                   



Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews

Paul is an acknowledged authority on informal learning and workplace performance support.  He extols the virtues of integrating informal learning into the culture of organisations in order to thrive in an increasingly competitive world.



William Buist


William is a recognized expert in collaboration for business, uncovering insights that build performance and embedding implementation capability.