Mind set for long term success

Do great minds think alike or not? Whatever your answer, long term success in business requires an open mind. Have you got one?

Visionary thinking

You are always looking ahead and outside your business. You seek to understand the broader environment in terms of markets and the impact of changes in society, economics and technology. You believe there is competitive value to be derived from spending time on this regularly.

On the flip side, often you feel that you struggle to galvanise your people into action because you are unsure what the definitive drivers of a long term competitive business are and whether your people have the capability to deliver.

Continuous learning

You lead to learn. What excites you most is the fact that every day has the possibility to bring you new insights – which you know can come from your C-Suite, the janitor or a newly joined graduate. You expect your paradigms to be challenged and are willing to shift them. Achieving continuous improvement is business critical as far as you are concerned.

In reality, everyday operational pressures get in the way of allowing your people time to analyse their successes and failures. Perhaps, you have too much of a command and control culture?

Thinking systematically

You appreciate the value of taking a structured approach to your strategic developments. You understand what you want your systems and processes to deliver. When you want to achieve a change you recognise you will have to influence your systems, processes and people.

However, vested interests and quick fixes typically stop you from taking a step back to create a holistic long term view and you simply haven’t the time required to fix everything. This often leaves you frustrated, as you know what needs to be done but it simply doesn’t seem to happen.

Long term view

You want your business to be around and successful for the long term and therefore understand that there is a balance to be struck between short term goals and long term sustainable gains.

However, you often find it a struggle to keep your attention on the long term gains as you are under pressure to deliver quarterly/annual results from your stakeholders and aren’t sure how to solve this dilemma.

If this sounds like you and you want to build your business to be sustainably competitive, we have an approach that might interest you.