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Courage is critical

Courage is critical for leaders and for business success. I doubt this will come as a surprise to you – especially if you have been leading an organisation or department for some time. The question is, how does courage manifest itself in the business world – and what sort of courage do you need? The […]

An empathetic organisation – what is it and why would you want one?

Empathy you might be aware of – as a personal skill in dealing with people and understanding what’s really going on for them. But, what does that mean in the context of an organisation? And how do you create an empathetic organisation? An empathetic organisation is based on transparency. Transparent values, strategy, goals and objectives; […]

Empathy as a leadership strength

Empathy as a leadership strength. Another one of those buzzwords. It used to be Sympathy for a while, but then that got a bad name, because apparently it means rescuing someone, taking their problem off them and that would leave them feeling weaker than before. So what’s the difference to empathy as a leadership strength, […]

Feedback – what feedback?!

How much feedback do you receive from your people and the business? How much feedback do you give your people on a day-to-day basis? What kind of feedback are you giving them? Corrective? Affirmative? A good balance of the two? Do you know what I am talking about? Well, you’ve heard about feedback, right? And […]

Rigour or Rigor Mortis?

Too drastic a headline for you? What is the significance of rigor mortis in business? Interesting question. What if a lack of rigour in your internal alignment creates rigor mortis in your productivity? Don’t buy it? Fair enough, who says you have to? It all depends on what you are interested in and aiming for. […]