External business focus

External business focus is an essential element of continued competitive growth. It fosters the ability to tailor current and future offerings to the market, which is a constant driver for client value.

High quality of engagement with external stakeholders produces the ability to utilise what is happening in the broader business environment to your advantage. In today’s market this is even more critical as technology creates new business opportunities and competition daily. The following attributes are critical to keeping your business externally focused:


Your entire leadership is externally oriented and promotes a culture of constant learning from success as well as failure. This inspires action throughout the business to continually improve.


In this culture of continuous learning everyone seeks to understand each other, the business and the market by listening on a focused level. This naturally leads to sharing of knowledge, which promotes innovation.


Constructive disruption is your way of operating, which guarantees the quality and flow of new ideas, as well as the ability to continuously adapt to new circumstances.


Fired by your trust in the quality of your business, you keep all your communication as transparent as possible, driving and promoting best practise internally and within your industry.

Ring true? That puts you above the norm. External business focus is often misinterpreted as only being about client focus or competitive knowledge – it requires a much wider perspective.  If you agree, we may be able to do some interesting work together.