Internal alignment

Internal Alignment delivers shared objectives that are meaningful to all your people. Everyone’s energy and efforts are focused on the achievement of business goals.

Consequently results improve and productivity and the bottom line increase. The following attributes are critical to achieving true alignment:


The leaders of the organisation consciously set the right climate, provide clear direction and establish shared objectives throughout the organisation through full involvement of all staff.


Everyone sustains the climate and company culture. They carry out their roles and responsibilities with enthusiasm and energy because they feel engaged and understand where they fit in the future of the business.


Through total transparency within the business and a culture of openness, everyone becomes comfortable with providing and receiving affirmative and corrective feedback.


The organisation has the ability to perform all necessary tasks, is highly productive and all parts of the business deliver the required results.


There is a consistent focus on maintaining the required behavioural and performance standards. Everyone accepts their personal accountability for this.

Simple? Yes – but that doesn’t make Internal Alignment easy. Practising it every day makes it easy and that is very difficult to achieve without help.