Leadership insights

These Leadership Insights cover a range of key issues, such as Growth Strategy, Business Excellence, Organisational Health and powerful questions to ask yourself and your customers.

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Restrospectives for better performance-cover

Retrospectives for better performance

In business we need to review what we do regularly on a rolling 12 month basis, if we want to ensure the performance of our people continues on a level that will keep us competitive. Retrospectives are an excellent systematic way of doing so.
A retrospective is an activity that looks back over a period of time to understand what happened and to generate insights and learning that produce more success in the future. It provides a structured process, which ensures we cover all the bases.


Clean Language – A Framework of Powerful Questions

Clean Language embodies modern communication values such as listening, understanding and empathy as opposed to persuasion and self-interest.
It’s a powerful approach for anyone in business: from leaders wanting clear, accurate information, through business analysts trying to uncover business needs, to project managers clarifying issues and plans. Its potential for rapidly creating high-performing teams is second-to-none.

5 Reasons Cover

5 Reasons Why Your Organisation Fails To Deliver Your Growth Strategy

If your strategic intent is for long-term competitive edge, then unless your growth strategy is supported by an organisational design that is capable of delivering that strategy, you will not succeed.

BE-ThumbnailBusiness Excellence – why it matters

Why does any business strive to become better or, indeed, excellent?
The owners/leaders of such businesses believe that a focus on and investment in achieving excellence will enable them to be more competitive – making them more attractive to customers and prospective customers – and to deliver better overall financial performance for the benefit of their shareholders and staff.

Org Health ThumbnailHow Healthy is Your Organisation?

Organisational Health is a measure of the adaptability of an organisation to changes in its environment and thereby its ability to develop and sustain its competitive advantage over the long term.
A healthy organisation maintains strength in three critical traits: the internal alignment of all business activities, the quality of execution throughout the organisation and an external focus that utilises what is happening in the broader business environment to its advantage.

Lack of BE ThumbnailAbsence of Business Excellence – feel the pain?

There are lots of books describing what highly successful businesses have done and the benefits they derive from their excellence. There is also no shortage of coaches and consultants ready to offer their assistance to businesses that want to raise their performance.
So why aren’t there more excellent businesses and more businesses striving to be excellent?

Are your customers ThumbnailAre Your Customers Ruining Your Business?

‘What is that all about?’ you might ask. ‘If we didn’t have our customers, we wouldn’t HAVE a business’, we hear you say. So far so true. However, is every customer you have a good customer?