Leadership development

To lead a business towards long term competitive edge takes courage, self-knowledge, a mastery of leadership and the skills required to enable your people to perform at their best. It requires you to learn to lead as well as lead to learn.

It demands that you lift yourself above your own frames of reference and allow them to be challenged and your paradigms to be shifted. Sounds hard? Well it is. You need to be a different type of leader.

The coach approach

Leading your organisation towards long term competitiveness requires leadership that empowers your people and drives productivity and performance throughout the organisation. This fosters a culture where people are innovative and give their best every day. This impacts directly and positively on the bottom line.
Coach Approach to Leadership

Research tells us, the most effective way to create such a culture is the Coach Approach to Leadership, which focuses on asking instead of telling and assisting people to find their own solutions.

If you and your senior team don’t already use this approach, you might be interested in our programme to help you understand and apply it. Like all our programmes it is designed to deliver sustainable behaviour change, through facilitated learning.

Sustainable behaviour change and measurable outcomes

It’s all very well to train and develop your people, but unless you achieve sustainable behaviour change, your improvements will last for about a week.

To achieve sustainable results you can measure, you need programmes that are highly interactive, experiential and take into account the different learning styles of people.

You need programmes that ensure immediate transfer of learning into your business, through specific improvement projects designed for that purpose and 1-2-1 coaching support.

Facilitation of learning

‘You can’t teach a person anything – you can only help them find it within themselves’ Galileo Galilei

To assist leaders to make sustainable improvements, you need to create clear understanding of the improvements and the benefits they bring, to them and the organisation. For this you need to create relevance.

The most relevant way we learn is to think things through for ourselves, debate it with others, experience it and frame it into our own environment. Programmes using Accelerated Learning techniques take this into account and ensure that the learning of your leaders is facilitated and delivered.

Through this approach we leave our client’s organisations with the skills and knowledge they need, so they can get on with growing their business faster. Interested to find out how we start the process?