Organisational design

If your strategic intent is to stay ahead of your competition for the long term, you need a growth strategy that is supported by an organisational design, which will deliver that for you.

Organisational design

What gives you long term competitive edge?

Our experience, together with extensive research from around the globe, shows that businesses that sustain their competitiveness over the long term have two major characteristics – business excellence and organisational health – which they exhibit consistently. These characteristics become embedded in their ‘organisational DNA’.

Business excellence

Business excellence means being excellent in the three core disciplines of every business – People, Operations and Finance.

People excellence: Your culture and all aspects of how you manage the behaviour of your people. How your people act and how the company supports them – as individuals, in teams, towards clients and with each other.

Operations excellence: How you manage all operational aspects of your business, covering everything from business vision and strategy through to delivery of services. From strategic alignment through marketing and sales to the effectiveness of your structures, processes, performance measures and the results you achieve.

Finance excellence: How the financial aspects of your business are managed. How profitability and finance is understood, owned and delivered across the business.

Organisational health

A healthy enterprise is able to respond dynamically to the constantly changing commercial environment in which it operates. For this your organisation needs to be fully aligned internally, operate consistently at a high quality of execution, whilst being pro-active in focusing externally.

Internal alignment: The extent to which you have shared objectives, aligned to your strategy, supported by your culture and at the same time meaningful to individual employees. The energy and effort your people put into their work focusing on productivity and results.

Quality of execution: The degree to which you deliver against your promises, both internally and externally. The levels of client satisfaction and the ability to win and retain clients. Your aptitude to recruit and retain the right talent in the right roles.

External business focus: Your engagement with customers, suppliers, partners and other external stakeholders. Being attuned to your market, emerging technology, economic and societal changes. The ability to innovate and tailor your offerings to current and future markets.

Organisational capability

For Business Excellence and Organisational Health to become embedded in your organisation’s DNA, you need to know if you have the right capability. You must, therefore, critically assess whether you have the people, processes, systems, technologies and culture that are appropriate to deliver the vision, mission and strategy of your organisation for today and tomorrow.

Our business game changer will enable you to make that assessment and create development, investment and recruitment plans that address capability gaps.  Thereafter, the on-going challenge is to maintain the organisation’s focus on learning from both successes and failures in all activities throughout the business.

Once you do that, you will be well on your way to an organisational design that supports your growth strategy and long term competitiveness – keeping you, your shareholders, directors and employees happy.