Vision and passion plus hard work are not enough

Business people often talk about their admiration for successful businesses in terms of the vision and passion of the founder. How that entrepreneur had the insight to spot a market opportunity. How they committed all their resources – time, money and energy – to “make it work”.

vision and passion
And I’m sure all those things are true and made a significant contribution to that business’ success. But there will have been other factors too – perhaps the most significant of which is capability.

You can have all the bright ideas in the world – and have the passion and capacity to pursue them – but if you (either personally and/or as an organization) don’t have the core capability to deliver those ideas in a practical sense, then they will simply stay as ideas or, worse, shattered dreams.

So when you look at your business, what are the capabilities needed to deliver your vision, to achieve your goals? Have you evaluated the capabilities within your organization and considered what you need to do if there is a mismatch?

A basic gap analysis between what you have and what you need for future success – undertaken honestly – will give you clarity about this crucial component of your growth plan: organizational capability.

A good place to start is to imagine your business as the one in your vision. What will it be doing? What kind of people will it employ? What skills and/or qualifications will they have? What will your customers be like? What will they expect in terms of product quality, service and so on?

Don’t worry if this generates a feeling of concern about the gap that you are imagining as you go through the process. That, after all, is the point. If you don’t have clarity about the nature and scale of the challenge of getting where you want to be – how can you make a realistic plan to tackle it?

That’s the next stage – to develop a practical plan for how you build that capability, enhance existing skills, develop your key people, attract new people with the necessary experience and knowledge, develop the IP and so on. In developing your capability needs you will also be able to identify the investment needed for success and, depending on whether you are keeping or changing your current business model, how long it’s likely to take you to be in the position to afford that investment –in both time and money.

With a clear plan for building or enhancing your organisation’s capability, together with your vision and passion for your business – and a good dose of hard work – you will be in a much stronger position to achieve your goals.

Author: Andrew Hall