Courage is critical

Courage is critical to outstanding leadership. Without it, how would you have got where you are today and be able to take on the challenges that lay ahead?

Outstanding leaders have the courage to coach their people to make them stronger instead of rescuing them or making decisions for them.
To achieve long term competitive edge, you must deploy your courage wisely. This means – embracing robust challenge, both giving and taking it; acting first, so your people see you mean ‘business’ and championing their efforts.

Embracing robust challenge

‘Everyone likes a challenge’ but you go one further; you relish it and look to challenge and be challenged, because you know that constructive tension (which is different to confrontation) produces learning and results.

Acting first

When you are sure about something, even if it’s completely new, you are happy to stand up and be counted, because you believe in the power of becoming the change you want to see.


You understand the critical importance of follow-up and holding people to account for – and encourage them to achieve – their commitments. You actively fly their flag in the face of opposition and challenge and support their efforts.

How much of this do you currently do? Want to find out what your team thinks?