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Listen to the Complainers

One of my friends was recently told by her manager “I want you to carry on with a smile on your face and no complaining”. Previously she’s raised problems when implementing a new system and been told that she “doesn’t like change”. Another friend of mine was constantly told to “not be so negative” when […]

Clear objectives – the impossible goal

Or why your organisation won’t meet its objectives At the beginning of the financial year, senior managers start sending their organisational and departmental objectives to staff. I remember receiving these objectives and, as a good corporate citizen, wondering what I could do to contribute. Despite my best intentions, I ended up doing very little and […]

Retrospective for better performance

January is a time for looking forward: we make plans for the year, set goals and make resolutions. Sometimes we’re building on what we achieved but sometimes we find we’re setting similar goals and making similar resolutions to last year. Either way, it’s worth taking time to review what happened over the last twelve months […]

Better Conversations about Financial Value

In most organisations there is a desire to know the value of work in terms of the “bottom line” and people talk about increasing revenue or reducing costs. However, there are four categories of financial value and, without understanding all of them, it’s easy to make costly mistakes and undervalue important work. Four Categories of […]