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Let Go – you may be pleasantly surprised!

Some while ago I posted here about the importance of capability in business growth. My primary assertion was that an honest evaluation of organizational capability, followed by the successful implementation of changes to address any deficiencies, can often be the determining factor in whether or not you achieve your business goals. This assessment came to […]

Climate control versus command and control

In most modern cars we are used to having climate controls – in order that we can create that ideal ambience for our journey. Not too hot or cold, enough air circulation that we don’t get drowsy or lose concentration and not too draughty to be uncomfortable. We can even choose models that enable us […]

The art of good enough in business

As infants we are generally encouraged and motivated in our endeavours by parents and close family members (especially grandparents) telling us that everything we draw, write, create is “great”, “wonderful”, “so clever” and so on. It seems to be a universal behaviour too, based on the reasonable notion that positive endorsement is the best way […]

Organisational Development – a leadership issue

An effective organization is one that is able to satisfy its raison d’etre and consistently meet its objectives. To achieve this goal requires the organisational development to be congruent with the organisation’s strategy. By organisational development we don’t just mean your people and where they sit in terms of departmental or functional structures (important though […]

It’s all a question of balance

During the Great Recession, it was natural that most (all?) businesses “battened-down the hatches” and minimised discretionary expenditure. If you did that and survived, well done! How have you been faring/acting since? Has it felt like treading on shifting ice flows? If so, you may have practiced great caution and risk aversion but have you […]

Competitive differentiation – big thing or small?

Big of course! Well yes, but not necessarily achieved by big steps or major initiatives. For a lot of businesses, competitive differentiation is getting harder and harder. That’s understandable too – developing and sustaining a truly distinctive product or service is just bl***y difficult! So what to do? When faced with this challenge, most businesses […]

Competitiveness in business – what it really takes

What’s your approach to understanding your competitiveness? In most of the businesses we are introduced to we typically find some combination of: • Product/service differentiation (something that’s invariably hard to do) • Their understanding of and relationships with their customers and suppliers • Their awareness of market needs and trends (which is often based solely […]

Organisational health – why would you be interested?

Organisational Health is a measure of the ability of an organisation/business to be highly adaptable to changes in its environment and thereby develop and sustain its competitive advantage over the long term. A healthy organisation maintains strength in three critical traits, which we characterise as the internal alignment of all business activities, the quality of […]

Sustaining excellence – always more to be done

Even when you think you’ve made it – there’s always more to be done The New Zealand rugby team (the All Blacks) finished the 2013 season of internationals unbeaten (Played 14; Won 14). That’s unprecedented in modern international rugby – and yet, when they conducted their post-season review of the year, the NZRU did not […]